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Collection and Delivery Service

We visit, advise, collect, frame and deliver your pressures work back to you

Collection and Delivery Service

This is a rather unique service that is offered by the Petersfield Framing Studios. The idea is that you can choose your picture frames and mounts in the location of where the pictures are actually going to hang. The process of choosing your framing materials is done in the comfort of your own home. This means that if you have a certain décor within your home that you wish your picture frames to be sympathetic with, you will be sure that the frames and mounts that you choose will fit in with your own personal tastes of interior design. It may also be that you have a picture that you wish to match with an existing frame and mount already hanging in your home. This service makes the process easy and ensures that the finished pictures will actually match or compliment each other. Also the collection and delivery service can come to your place of work if this is more convenient for you. This also ensures that if the picture is going to hang at your office that it will actually suit the environment it is going to hang in.

Please note that the collection and delivery service is offered via appointment only during afternoons from Monday to Friday. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time for your appointment.

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