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Not only 2 dimensional - but 3 dimensional artwork (4 dimensional?)

Something More Unusual, Perhaps?

You may well be thinking that you have an item that you would like framed but are unsure if it can be framed. As an example of some of the more unusual picture or objects customers have given to me to frame, here are just a few items that I have framed in the last 25 years.

Signed sports shirts, such as rugby, football or cricket have become quite a favourite framing project in recent years and they also make a good present for the ardent supporter. Medals are a very interesting subject to frame and can be framed permanently or on their bars so that they can be worn again when required using a removable back frame. Other unusual tasks have included:

  • A signed cricket bat.
  • A stuffed canary (I kid you not!)
  • A dead bat sealed in formaldehyde (I also kid you not!)
  • A Chinese food serving set consisting of nine enamel dishes
  • An orchestra conductor's baton with sheet music
  • A horse riding saddle
  • A Kunjhar dagger in its sheath

These represent some of the more unusual items that I have framed in the past. Perhaps you have just such a framing project? Why not contact us to discuss how it could be framed? Or visit our Case Studies page for some previous framing tasks in more detail.

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